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Help Your Daughter while trying Her First Makeup

Help Your Daughter while trying Her First Makeup

In today’s modern world, varieties of makeup things are available for you. Makeup can do a lot of magical things in your face, but it is not a problem here. While using basic makeup things, your daughter does not require any advice or guidance. She just can go on and pick hairstyle that will fit her makeup

This is a good age to start wearing makeup. Therefore, for the first time, you need to guide her in a correct path. Let see the guidance tips for your daughter while using the makeup kits for the first time:

Laying the groundwork:

Clean your skin:

Initially, you have to wash your face gently with cleanser to remove the impurities present in your skin. Have to apply a little moistures cream to keep your face free from the oil for a whole day and help you to moistures your skin. If you have oily skin means, you do not skip the usage of moistures cream. Better, you have to prefer the gel based creams; the oily face skin will absorb quickly.

Have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before applying the foundation cream, and then only the cream can sink with your skin.

Daughter trying Her First Makeup

Types of foundation to be used:

You have to teach your daughter to apply the foundations gently on her foreheads, nose, cheeks, and chin, and then blend with the foundation brush in all the directions. You have to choose foundations, which will be exactly matched for your skin color, while in doubt prefer the lighter one for darker skin. If it is not matching, your face started to glow in orange.

You also have to use the sponge for applying the foundation on your skin; it will be neatly covered all over the area. There are a lot of procedures better you allowing daughter to start makeup.

Concealer for eyes:

Little girl first makeupYou have to use the small and thin brush for putting this concealer under your eye circles. Have to apply it at the inner and outer corners of your eye.

Translucent powder:

The translucent powder can be gently applied on your face in a circular motion by using the powder brush. You must tap off the excess powder before going to apply it on your face.

Eye shadow and eyeliner:

You can choose your eye shadow according to your eyelid. You are a beginner, better you have to use a single neutral shade. The eyeliner should be applied on the rim of your upper lash. You have to prefer only a black or brown eyeliner pencil; it will give you a great look for your eyes.

Eyeliner is one of the areas that you can actually examine, as you become the most reliable cosmetic makeup.

Adding check and lip color:

You have to use the brush for blending the powder on your cheeks. The cheek color should be mild, and then only it makes you stand out from the crowd. For beginners, the lips are a wonderful opportunity to add color to your face.

These are all the important guidance for your daughter while doing her first makeup. Follow these tips and letting your daughter to wear makeup.