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Special Needs Schools In The US

Special Needs Schools In The US

Not all students are same; some have high learning abilities while the others might not have acquired similar ones. The comprehensive education is all about including all kind of students and making them equally able. But normal schools might not be able to offer training to students with special needs. Special education schools are designed mainly for the who are in need of extra attention and care. If you are looking for any similar kind of schools, then this article will surely help you out. We have listed down some of the special schools in this articles that are considered to be best in the country.

The Devereux Glenholme School, Washington, CT

This school serves as a Therapeutic boarding school. It is specially made for the students suffering from Anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder; Asperger’s or any of the other emotional learning disorders.  The goal here is to meet the individual need of the students. This school is one of the best special education schools in the country. It is amazingly able to maintain the co-educational environment and is better recommended for the students of ages 10 to 21.

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Little Keswick School, Keswick, VA

This school operates as an all boy’s school. It provides education to students aged between 9 to 15, who are suffering from severe social or emotional challenges. The school works with individualized and specially designed learning plans that can provide overall development to the students. This school is one of the top-most choices to be considered while searching for schools for children with special needs. It provides all the students with equal opportunity to identify their talents and organizes different workshops to encourage them as well.

Brehm Preparatory School, Carbondale, IL

This school is described as a boarding school for both boys and girls and is meant for students of the age’s six to twelve. The school easily covers all kind of emotional and social needs of the students. It also covers the various complex learning differences and disabilities. The school at present has ninety students and has hired around one fifty staff member to look after them in a multi-tiered schedule. The school was awarded the blue ribbon excellence award by the United States Department of Education. IT is one of the top search results when looking for schools for children with special needs.

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Triad Academy Summit School, Winston-Salem, NC

This School is a part of the summit school division and mainly works for the students with the special learning differences. The school works with the students suffering from dyslexia. The school provides co-ed education for all the students from grade one to nine. It also works with a student-teacher ratio of 3:1 for the remediation classes and 8:1 for the content classes. It charges approximately twenty-seven thousand eight hundred dollars. This school for special needs is one of the best in the country and is known for the excellent education that it offers to the students.